Betty Kisses


We offer training for dog and human so both have the tools to co-exist in today’s hectic world. 

Our classes are suitable for puppies and junior dogs, an hour’s practical hands on lesson with time after the lesson for an informal chat and recap on that day’s theme. Day Care Plus and 1-2-1 sessions complete our training portfolio.


This course explains the importance of engagement with your dog. Real engagement where you become the most important part of the dogs life. We work on recall, probably the most important lesson both human and dog will ever have. Loose Lead walking, the hardest behaviour to teach both dog and human! Learning manners both dog and human. Plus loads of dog related advice, from management to exercise to diet. 

Come to class with an open mind, be prepared to work hard and consistently with your dog and you will see real results very quickly. 

Cost: £150 (A non-refundable deposit of £75 is required to secure your place with the balance payable at class 1) 

Location: Betty Kisses Day Care Centre


November:  Tuesday 15th 7.30pm (subsequent week at 6.30pm)

                   Wednesday 16th 7.30pm (subsequent week at 6.30pm)

                   Thursday 17th 7.30pm (subsequent week at 6.30pm)

January:      Tuesday 10th 6.30pm

                    Wednesday 11th 6.30pm



Dates to be confirmed


This course is designed for the dogs and owners who have completed our foundation course or for those who have completed a basic dog training course. Preferably the dog and handler should already have a reward-based working/training relationship. Minimum age: 7 months.

The aim of the course is to develop your dog into a good family pet and develop the family into good pet owners. Where possible most of this work is carried out off lead as we want the dog to be conditioned to be a reliable companion. 

We really are stepping the workload up in this class so be prepared to put the effort in.

Items covered include:

The Stay

Loose lead and Heel Walking

Family living skills

Send away and Stop

Social interactions


Cost: £175 (A non-refundable deposit of £75 is required to secure your place with the balance payable week 1)

Location: Betty Kisses Day Care Centre



Struggling with a new puppy? Don't know which way to turn? Just book an appointment on 07974 570039, bring a list of questions and we will help you work through them. New puppies can be exhausting, plus there is so much conflicting advice out there, its a mine field. We can cut right through all the confusion and make it simple for you. 

Cost: £30

Day Care Plus

​Day Care Plus gives you and your dog the benefit of our usual day care; adventures, games and socialisation, with additional training sessions throughout the day working to an agreed outcome. Whatever the problem we will break it down and give you feedback and practical exercises to continue at home.


A two week program at Betty Kisses

1-2-1 Sessions

Private sessions for general obedience can be arranged if you feel your dog won't cope in a class situation or your schedule doesn't allow to attend classes. 

At all times we are here for you and your dog, we want that happy ending.

Starting from £30.00 per hour 

(travel costs may be incurred) 

For all of your training enquiries please contact Keith on 07974 570039 or [email protected]