Betty Kisses

All about us

Betty Kisses was established in 2010 by Lynn, born out of a love of dogs and a desire to spend what was left of her working life doing something for the sheer joy of it. After twenty plus years in a corporate environment it was time to hang up the suits, put the high heels in the back of the cupboard and invest in wellies and woolly hats. Betty Kisses allowed Lynn to combine her customer service experience with her love of dogs, two of the things she's most passionate about, and provide a service to people which allowed them to enjoy their pets without the pressures of work and commitments which would otherwise mean them struggling to keep a happy, balanced pet.

Our initial dog walking service soon developed into a full day care and holiday boarding service, working from our home in Westerton then March 2018 saw Lynns husband, Keith join the business full time which allowed us to develop the business and open a new Day Care and Training Centre on South Church Enterprise Park in Bishop Auckland. The business has continued to flourish and now employs another two assistants. 

As well as being in the business of caring for animals, our lives pretty much revolve around our animals. Currently we are overseen by a nation of dogs, some ours some fostered, a couple of cats and the odd ferret. We are active supporters of Doodle Trust, a charity dedicated to poodle crosses, and can quite often be found transporting, home checking, fundraising and fostering for them on a regular basis.